Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse cost taxpayers between $60 billion to $100 billion a year and threatens the viability of the program. Beyond the financial impact, fraud and abuse can also negatively affect the healthcare of beneficiaries.

One of the latest Medicare scams going on in Georgia involves genetic screening for cancer. Although, genetic testing sounds like a great opportunity for the beneficiary to learn if they are more susceptible to various types of cancer, unfortunately it can be a scam. Medicare will not pay for a test that is not medically necessary and prescribed by a beneficiary’s physician. With today’s aging population, Medicare numbers are more valuable to thieves than a stolen credit card.

  • Below are tips that Medicare beneficiaries can use to protect themselves and reduce the chance that they may become a victim of Medicare fraud:
    Protect your Medicare card. Please only give your Medicare card to your healthcare provider, such as your physician or hospital
  • Remember that Medicare and Social Security will NEVER call you on the phone or contact you by email. Do not give your Medicare or Social Security number to someone on the phone or on the internet.
  • Carefully review your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) to be sure that all the information is correct. Some questions that could be helpful while reviewing your MSN are “Do) recognize the name of the provider listed?” “Did 1 receive services on the following date listed?” These questions could be beneficial in spotting fraud on your MSNs.
  • If you find something suspicious, please REPORT /T. Do not let embarrassment stop you from reporting Medicare fraud, scams, or abuse!
  • If you’re unsure of what to do, please contact the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) toll-free number at (877) 272-8720 or visit our website,

Every beneficiary should be proactive in protecting themselves against Medicare/healthcare fraud, errors, and abuse by carefully reading their Medicare Summary Notices (MSNs) or Explanation of Benefits (EOBs). If you have any questions, please contact the SMP toll’free hotline and we will be happy to assist you. Georgia SMP 877-272-8720